calligraphy, desert landscapes, odd animal portraits

Chancery Cursive

It’s difficult to manage an art blog when no art is being done.  I have restocked the acrylics so they are accessible, no longer in a cardboard box in the hallway closet.  Incessantly journaling, but no drawings, no paintings.  I sit down each light gray chancery testmorning with intent and coffee  .  .  .  and do my Chancery Cursive practice homework for Calligraphy Class.  Almost too wide to fit on the scanner!  Well, that indicates the size of pages for the book I will make for this session.  I have strange papers I collected a year or two ago that I can use- “domestic etch” already bound into my giant Chancery journal, and weird flocked-pink-and-glitter cover paper.  There are possible other sheets to pull out of the closet, too.

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