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Ink Swatch on ArchesA friend’s question startled and disturbed me.  Am I painting?  Such a painful, simple thing, but NO.  Today I pulled the boxes of acrylic paints out of the back of the closet they have been stored in since converting the studio to living space, and clearing out the studio kitchen for actually cooking.

Memories of old projects come bubbling up, break, float away.  It has been a very long time since I did any painting, except for bookshelves, satisfying as that may be.  I am heading out now to a calligraphy class with my old crew at the Albany Community Center?  Since the Adult School shut down.  This is the building where we had a show that I displayed the Wisdom of the Elders piece.

So, all my inks are still in the same place they have been for these last two years or so.  Clearly, this is something I always meant to take up again.  And the same hand, Chancery Cursive, that I enjoyed so much in my first hand-bound journal back in 2009-10.

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