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Happy Outcome

Slowly sorting things out.  The front apartment would be mine if I didn’t have the (rent-controlled) back apartment, in my name.  I am lucky to have it, happy to be able to stay here, off street parking, what’s not to like?  Manhattan, in the redwoods.

So tiny, though, and in such a rush, and so brutal.  The pain will fade as I get settled in. I am moving my round table and brown carpet in and getting a smaller bed, replicating the flavor of the front room so I can still have people over to visit and practice.critters framed

I am playing music out about 4 nights a week.  Just did the open mic at the Missouri Lounge on Wednesday,  A big hit–the sullen bartender brightened up and gave me (and Tara) great praise.  This is new for me to get up and sing and play by myself, this is what I was meant to do.  It was always a struggle to drag Steve away from his couch, he was so conflicted–clearly this is my challenge.

Anyway, things are looking up, I paid off Steve’s bill from October, and the emergency room bill seems to be covered, getting help with my overdue taxes.  Soon I will have time to smash the state, get a land line installed, travel, (key west?) and such stuff..

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