calligraphy, desert landscapes, odd animal portraits

Can’t figure this out

So, now WordPress has been upgraded.  I hate the new format, can’t find my way around to know what I posted last time.  I do find the new little dot-in-a-circle download icon to be infinitely amusing.

Not much happening, except the hell of uncertainty vis-a-vis my housing situation, the crisis regarding non-filing of relief for my deceased loved one’s hospital bills, unfiled taxes, and piles and stacks of miscellany I have to, literally, decimate in the next three weeks  .  .  .  Plus, I have taken on more work.  No time to do art.  Not right now.


I’ll just put up a random watercolor that I did of the hill and firetrail above the Claremont Hotel, seen from my spectacular apartment on Emerson Street in 1981.

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