calligraphy, desert landscapes, odd animal portraits

Hazmat Studio


I found a temporary “free” garage space to cut glass and repair picture frames that have come apart. The first time I went to get it ready it was incredibly filthy, thick with leaves, clutter, broken jars and rusty junk all over the floor.  I have to clean it out to the corners or I can’t possibly bring my things in, let alone work in there –- raccoon nests and god-knows-what packed solid under the workbench, but a beautiful 6-light, south-facing mullioned window, antique rolling door, high ceiling, and real quiet peace, off-grid, good energy.  It really is Dreamy, in my head –- Now that I have SOLD THE SHOP!  and I have TIME, I will continue to refine my INTENTION, not just wishing/hoping.  A dedicated space to cut glass and build frames (things I can’t do in my carpeted studio) and a flat surface to cut mat board.  It will be ok if temporary, a staging and storing area while I look for a better space, a new space to collaborate ??  Or, rebuild the shed in my back yard, or, make space by moving the dead refrigerator out of my Studio Kitchen.


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