calligraphy, desert landscapes, odd animal portraits

It’s Wonderful

bspco 4.12.JPG

my painting of the moon, lost in reflection

Thanks everyone-

It has been an incredibly difficult, sad and painful 2 years, why I didn’t LISTEN to my instinct that summer of 2011 I don’t know, but it is now, soon, fading into history.  I had any number of people who I thought could help, or had time to be there for me, or might know something about business, or screenprinting, or did encourage me ever-so-slightly  .  .  .  But once caught, I was all alone.

Some merely said, go ahead, at least you will know.  And I do!  I know now that I once had a wonderful, simple life, and peace, and trips to museums, and matinees on a Wednesday afternoon–I will, in time, have that back, with a renewed appreciation and knowledge of who I am and what I am capable of.

Hey, it’s not over yet.
I will soon be the person I used to be, after I untangle the mess I made of it.

I so appreciate seeing everyone at my party.  THAT night will always be my fondest memory, and in my imagination, what could have been, and how I will live now.

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