calligraphy, desert landscapes, odd animal portraits

Who am I?

Itty Squidy

Where am I ?  Where is my ART?  For the last 18 months I have been under the spell of the Vampire Albatross Co., a constant, blood-sucking presence that I tried to coax, coddle, constrain into something of value–only it was LAURIE who was constrained and drained.  What art have I done?  I spend all Sunday doing accounts instead of pruning pear trees.  I lost touch with my Calligraphy guild.  Such high hopes!  Such crushing isolation!  So many cool ideas unrealized, so many revolting, crappy t-shirt designs–printed!  Why?  This is not my beautiful life!  This is not my beautiful Art Studio!  Well, I think I am done with all that.  I think SMALL is the new watchword for 2013, I am going there now  .  .  .

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