calligraphy, desert landscapes, odd animal portraits

Joshuas with two moons


While weeding out old photos, I found this shot of a work in progress.  Pastel and acrylic on black gesso’d canvas panel.  Took this to a class on glazing and it looks amazing now, but this is the preliminary “before” painting.

Yesterday I was in tears, overcome with emotion at the botch I have made of  this venture–So confused, such a muddle, so overwhelmed and unhappy.  I can’t go on alone.  The people I had “thought” would be involved, they are ill and unavailable and uninterested.  Today I release and discharge by salt and water and TEARS and my words, the sad sick story of utter abandonment,  failure, imprisonment to the extent I want to chew my foot off and escape, three-legged, into the forest.  Today I have staged the shop beautifully and brilliantly for the Art Murmur event, and ART opening–so sweet! So fabulous!  This is who I am.


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