calligraphy, desert landscapes, odd animal portraits

Been so long

I have been up to my neck in screenprinting, wanting to share my travails but not even able to focus on anything but the day-to-day gruel of it.  I have been keeping up on my journal, so it’s not as if I don’t want some communication–just not sure what needs to be out there ?  I’ve even neglected the Possum blog.  More likely, I just don’t want to bum anyone out with the REALITY of going into business by yourself when you 1.  Didn’t expect it 2.  didn’t really want it 3. find that the peeps who were in at the beginning have all but disappeared.   I am stunned by my stick-to-it-iveness, my enormous will to go through the unceasing terror and loneliness and bad odors and uncertainty.

Not many pieces of my own art are really suitable for the medium, but here are two attempts.  The squirrel needs to be redone.  The mask is awesome, but hard to photograph.  It also printed beaulifully on Arches text wove paper in a chocolate-brown ink.  Interesting note:  The zig-zaggy yellow with purple ink pillow on the couch next to Steve is a print I hand-cut and printed at CCAC in 1985.

almond butter ad, squirrel approves

possible silkscreen material, but very fine pencil work doesn’t translate

Steve instantly took a liking to this shirt I printed from an ink drawing of a mask I did years ago.

burning a silkscreen from my pencil drawing takes some adjustment

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