calligraphy, desert landscapes, odd animal portraits


While taking photographs of the shop, I did that thing I have done before, looking through the camera without a spotter, I tripped and fell on my lens.  Alas, I let my warranty run out–but I never liked that camera as much as the one I put in my pocket and leaned on the fender of my truck and  .  .  .  I have been wanting that small credit-card Nikon with the sliding cover, the S100?  with 16 mm and 5x zoom–that would be easier than getting a bigger purse.   The AW 100 is good, too, designed to take a fall or a drop in the    .   .   .   bathtub, or worse.  And the S1200pj–with a projector.  I have always liked that feature.  So, anyway, in homage to my first digital Nikon, coolpix 5600, here are some photographs I took from late 2005 and onward.

Stone in stone, Yosemite

winter sun at Sea Ranch

Last light, Anza Borrego

China Spring near Darwin

In my element--off-kilter-Sequoia

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