calligraphy, desert landscapes, odd animal portraits

Dead Squirrel Wrap

I found a dead squirrel, a red squirrel

hands curled, a girl

feet up and tail bedraggled–caught my breath

then, in sadness,

put on another pair of gloves-

not a plastic bag!

a gag



fear of touching

a dead thing

a sad picture–

A newspaper?

a paper bag, smaller,

just her size.

A tool?  No-

turned her over and felt the weight to ground myself

picked her up, a sleeping face

I slipped her into the

brown paper pillowcase-

inside a small, squirrel-sized shopping bag,

plastic and angel-white–

“thank you Have a Nice Day” in red

carried her to the trash bin;

blessed her life+

sent her on her way.

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