calligraphy, desert landscapes, odd animal portraits

Print Shop

I have spent much of the summer working at Berkeley Screenprint  Company, which I am taking over as of September 1.   I am a printing junky, but this is a very different type of work than I have been doing.  I am not certain yet how I am going to proceed, except to keep it much the same at first.  I have so many ideas, and plenty of room to try them out.  Luckily, the previous owner is still around generating work and helping with the transition. At home I printed‭ ‬ 30 ‬more invitations to my closing show on the Epson 1400—I accidentally printed the same thing on both sides of‭ ‬8‭ ‬of them.‭  ‬Not acceptable‭!  ‬There seems to be a‭ ‬25%‭ ‬failure rate in my printing process,‭ ‬which doesn’t bode well for a print-shop business model.‭ I am using beautiful Staples Mat Brochure paper for business cards. ‭ ‬I printed another batch ‭ ‬with the possum family singers schedule ( Baltic 2nd Thursday/Chester’s 4th Thursday) on back, using Photoshop–  They look great. I spent half an hour trouble-shooting my auxiliary printer which I discovered was jammed due to a tiny rubber snake which had fallen into the platen. ‭  This is not what I meant by bringing odd animals into my work.

cedar waxwing sketch

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