calligraphy, desert landscapes, odd animal portraits

April forth 2021

For a Saturday class with David Pyle last January I bought some more colors, some half pans, and a thrift store snack plate, maybe even a new brush, but heck if I can find the painting I did . . . Gratitude in the small things. Chicken pie, rain, self care. Some things are just too heavy.

Moving forward with the creating animal characters course, it seems to be something I always wanted to do, animal portraits, but, a story? Human portraits, figure drawing, I don’t know. I’m just wandering in the wilderness. The plan for April is to not work so hard.

It’s a painful anniversary. Move along, nothing to see here.

I was gifted a sume-i kit, I just can’t seem to situate myself into doing calligraphy. Something about the edge of this round table, maybe the chair is too low. Enjoying the idea of vermillion. I have other brushes, ink, stone, paper. I had a harsh day, had to use black ink to cover a page in my journal.

Sorting things out is the MOST CREATIVE thing I can do, it reveals lost and forgotten projects and motivations, brings things together that I hadn’t seen before. Cleaning up is what I do best.

Moving studio, moving furniture, it is my true calling. Elderberry, Ashwaganda, all sound good to me, but get ferocious pushback on social media, I just don’t have any desire to associate with humans. Letting go, watching it unfold. Line jumping, parallel worlds, manifesting an upward spiral; I prefer solitude to having my boundaries violated. An online art class, tho, is almost like having a social life, and I can sneak out any time I like. Oops, lost signal, call back later.


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