calligraphy, desert landscapes, odd animal portraits


Junish, 2019

Not sure where little canvasses came from.  A gift? A free box?  An actual store? Scraps of recycling, Sunday newspaper, the Pink Section of the San Francisco Chronicle, matte medium, gold paint, pondering, serendipity.

Charlie Chaplin collage

When I was a child I recall a moment when I was sitting on the front porch- memory has it I was 7, with another child or two present.  I had drawn almost this exact image, a human with no clothes on hanging laundry.  A freakish square head, in pencil.  My mother flipped out when she saw it, did she tear it up?  It was a traumatic art-critic moment, the first of many to twist my tiny mind.  Who knew I was emulating a famous artist, and tuning into a current painting.  LOL mom was into Chaplin, too.

David Park collage

Like the elementary school teacher who forbid us to use erasers.  I now collect them, use them love them.  

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