calligraphy, desert landscapes, odd animal portraits


“To cultivate that fearlessness, watching PP set up the stage, while we continued to play–that obnoxious command of canvas, string, and poles!  To know what I want, and push every living thing aside! to get it.   But not to be a total Ahole.”

That was my dream for 2011.  Has anything changed?


copied from an unattributed online image in Pilot G-2 pen, acrylic white pen, watercolor

This should be my art blog!  Aren’t the concerns much the same, for music or art? The need for fearlessness, the necessity of going vigorously after what you want?

Here’s an idea…from Ann:   “Why not write as though you were going to write a book, to be published when you are famous.  Just a thought…  And since you would want a balance between art and music, you might be motivated to push your art out there into the world more vigorously.  As you are(?) doing with music.”
And fearlessness!  Me too, it’s my dream , but not yet seemingly a GOAL cause I’m not actively enough going after it.  I know what I want, but don’t move much toward it!
And it seems I can’t even push a chicken aside…”

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