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Pinnacles overnight

April 2017–I packed for the cold, wet rain, but this morning it is fresh, clear and sunny, about 60 degrees by the backyard thermometer.  Extra leggings, socks, fleece, down jacket for the cold overnight.  The first day we hiked the East side of the Pinnacles, where the campground is, site #65.  Two caves, scary piles of huge boulders (earthquake zone) and waterfalls!  I brought chili fixins, mostly made.  I cooked it up on S’s stove and Art did his tortilla magic on his camp stove.

In the morning I got hurried out of my not-yet-awake complacency.  Our hiking companion was packed and ready to go when I was just up and making coffee; knocked my bag and bed-roll over spilling Art’s raisin bran to the ground.  Then, instead of sitting with my coffee and cereal and having a civilized morning repast, I rushed to pack up the stove and pot and spilled half the coffee on the table and bench.  No real harm done–while Art packed up the tent I wandered off to decompress by the creek.  Bonus, vanilla cappuccinos at the Supermercado in Hollister.

Discoveries:  S. does not drink coffee;  1/2 the little jar is plenty for an overnight trip;  the green and yellow percolator works great;  S. smokes cigarets.  Art does not want help with the tent.  S rushes ahead, Art likes to wander and dawdle.  I am somewhere in between.  I love sitting in the car reading and writing, somewhat sad to Arrive anywhere.

I had a lens malfunction on Steve’s Canon–it is a signature, it is what I do.  I switched out the batteries to see if  it would reset–my iPhone battery is dead because I used it for light in the caves, as my flashlight was left in the tent–so no photographs today.  The West entrance, perfect hiking weather and high puffy clouds.

What an amazing place!  Pinnacles!  So happy I came, so happy I brought so many comforts and necessaries.  I don’t think we felt a drop of rain after we got into the park.

The trees are oxygenating, the sky is clear, the air cool.  Everything is Green, with tiny flowers, and several species of TINY butterflies—a black and white!  a checkerspot or fritillary, an off-white but similar to a blue.  Not skippers, but that small.

Soledad, mucho comida, 3 PM and homeward.

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