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Wrong Book

Bauerpots in color.jpgLast week I ordered a book from Amazon-  I had been planning for a long, long time to give it as a gift, but could not let go of the copy I have for sentimental reasons.  I had earned two $25 gift cards from my credit card after paying off the overdue hospital bill of my now-deceased life partner.  Imagine the conundrum.  The package appeared at my door Monday, almost instantaneously.  When I picked it up and felt it, I was already disappointed, because it was too small.  I tried to bend it–paperback?  No, hardcover.  So, I tore the envelope open and there was a different book, SexDeathEnlightenment, by Mark Matousek.  What the hell?  I checked the invoice.  The book I ordered was clearly described, and there was an email address to contact in case of error.  So, I did.

Today I got a reply, keep the book, yours was right here, I already gave it to the postman!  Expedited shipping.

So I opened it up, it is a story of life with Andy Warhol, with a blurb by Ram Dass  “An extraordinarily articulate account of how the sicknesses of our time can spawn spiritual awakening and compassion.”

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