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Moody Ridge–15 minute story

We had such a great time Tuesday night at the Monte Vista Lodge, playing with the band Moody Ridge.  I sat in front of the Christmas tree, right next to the fireplace, where I could easily plug in my bass amp.  It is so warm, there is no snow, so the Christmas trees and snowflake decor are still up, giving some sense of Winter.  Wednesday we did some thrift-and-gift shopping- Helen gave me a teapot with lovely prints of comfrey on one side and camomile on the other.  I found a fabulous white jean jacket with fluffy fur lining, a possumy thing to wear to gigs, it does still get chilly at night!

Everyone is so friendly, and hungry for human contact, and good cooks, too.  People in shops and restaurants launch into conversation at the slightest provocation, it’s almost annoying.  I am a recluse by comparison, having come from the densly populated, over-stimulating  SF Bay Area.  But then, so did many of them, years ago.

I came out to the van to rest last night after a big dinner of  spaghetti and meatballs and beer and birthday cake and ice cream.  I fell asleep just after eight o’clock–woke up hours later and, as is often the case, missed the party.  It’s well after 9 AM now, no one else is up yet.   I am settled in my Westy on a flat spot up near the cabin, making coffee.  This is a breakthrough, one of thijngs that I couldn’t imagine doing but is the easiest task possible.

Yesterday I took a hike with the dogs and got spooked–wasn’t sure where I was.  Today Doogie came to see if I would go again, but i had just made my first! cup of westy-coffee and settled in to read a book.  When he showed up and barked, I poured the coffee into an insulated cup and changed my shoes.  By the time I got ready, he had gone.  It was cold and a wind had come up, dusty and gusty.  I decided to stay in the van and read–but as soon as I leaned back on the bed, the thermos cup tipped and the whole thing ran over the ocunter and onto my stack of papers, files, journal.

So, start again.

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