calligraphy, desert landscapes, odd animal portraits


Winter Trees

At last I have begun to sketch a bit, with my morning pages of ritual journaling, I left pages blank so something drawn will find its way in.   I have a clear plastic lunchbox with my Prismacolor and Derwent pencils, and an electric pencil sharpener on the dining table.  I have been spending every morning in bed because it is too cold to get up–I read, I journal, I drink coffee and eat oatmeal there.  I was watching dvd’s on the laptop until it slipped off the little stool and crashed–opening up hours of my life, so 15 minutes to half an hour of a simple sketch, starting with my wonderful new dark-color uniball pens.  I especially like the purple-black for laying in silhouette trees or shadow stuff.  Also there is writing on the back.  If I had posted it in reverse could you read my journal? Winter Trees“It is the wind that brought the cold I got, the loss of Jean that put me into prolonged illness and exhaustion.  Friday 10 PM:  Mollie gave me 2 beeswax candles.  She lit a white candle for me and Steve at the U.U. church on Christmas Eve.  I am burning a candle now for him, to conjure his help.  The table is arrayed with art photographs and inspiration + a journal + the book The Artist’s Way.   After I cleared the clutter of Christmas and travel there is a clear message of creativity there.”

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