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Bailing out on class

sm monogram in UNCIAL

sm monogram in UNCIAL

So, I bailed out on Calligraphy class.  It was too restrictive, too much homework and not enough letterform instruction in class.  I couldn’t get focused, and was really not ready (or interested) in several aspects of the class: a) designing another book when two of them from previous classes still have so many empty pages,  are packed away, unappreciated, or so it feels to me.  Although, I tried to start another, pulled a blank signature from the first book I made, pages I had added in 2011.  The drawback was the scattered and unfinished nature of that book-  I felt unable to present it in class, not able to pull together anything new .  b) I am really too busy to take a class that isn’t aligned with my current trajectory, where I am not permitted to express the negative aspects of reality: my grief, confusion, planetary collapse.  c) All the work I did in the first couple of years were so wonderful, so exemplary, I am intimidated by my own innate talent!  This is really a strange laziness that I need to work through, eventually.  d)  and by people that have been taking the class all along,  (one who also has a band and does posters etc. for them)

Monogram in Uncial hand

Monogram in Uncial hand

LAM monogram in UNCIAL

LAM monogram in UNCIAL

–with their beautiful greeting cards (xmas cards! I’m not really interested this year) and lovely, simple flower drawings.  It’s really all about the darkness for me now.  Will I follow through?  Wait and see.

The panel at the Starry Plough is actually in UNCIAL  hand-  the one I did the Beowulf pages in.  It was destroyed by inept painted lettering style when they remodeled the bar.  No one notices how bad it looks except me.  I plan to one day soon copy it in the proper script, on paper, anyway.

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