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Art (and music) in the Smoky Sierras

Now I am confused, music and art have commingled in this blog.  How much multi-tasking can I take?  Away this weekend in the Westfalia to HellyBerry, hoping I can pull out some six to eight tubes of acrylic paint and a canvas panel to plein air the mothrerfusker.  What color will the sky be?  Warm blue, or cool?  And a couple of brushes will probably help.  It’s hard to tell what I have uploaded in the past, but here is an old acrylic painting done on panel, from Diaz Lake in the Eastern Sierras, mostly from a photograph, circa 2000 or earlier.  This is the back of the Inyo mountain range in the “After the Meteors” watercolor of 1998.

diaz lake

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