calligraphy, desert landscapes, odd animal portraits


DSCN2942The building used to be a grocery store, so these transom windows hinged at the bottom, opened by one of those grappling hook poles from a hundred years ago.

Now there is a sort of drop-ceiling loft, at a level where the windows are readily accessible.

When the glass in one broke this summer,  Steve took them out and rehung them so they open sideways, using the original latches–snap!

Today we put up a chandelier in the downstairs front window, and Ann brought a string of twinkling white lights, too busy for home–here they almost compete with STICKY written in light rope to the west, and the Christmas tree lot to the east.

I have wanted to light these windows up from day one.  next plan, a word in my windows, too.  What will it be?DSC_0528

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