calligraphy, desert landscapes, odd animal portraits

First Year–I’m still here

Saturday September 1, 2012, marks one year I have been in business.  August was a wonderfully long month, the rent is paid with the deposit on the latest job (finished and home at 9:30 last night–with the Moon!) shipping out today.

I have a couple of helpers, although no one is getting paid but the landlord, the dentist, and the suppliers, and the utilities, and the dented can store.  The ink kerfuffle is sorting out,  my neighbor is donating a big glass display case–careful! !  Moving that sucker in.

I am still trucking things back and forth from shop to studio–the camera is here, the scanner there, the card-reader here, the email there, the blog here, the contact list there, the antique, squirrel-driven Mac at the shop, the PC at home, all wickedly, incomprehensibly incompatible .

When I find my camera I will take some photos to post the calligraphy job that came out so beautifully.  .  .  .  also at my facebook site

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