calligraphy, desert landscapes, odd animal portraits

Fruity parts

paper-mache pear-gouache and prismacolor

Paper Mache Pear

california applecore

Cox’s Orange Pippin–one of a series of heritage applesIn 1993 I did a series of Prismacolor pencil illustrations for a rare fruit tree catalog while training in grafting and propagation at a Heritage Fruit nursery.  In partial payment I received several rare apple, pear, fig, and other trees.  A Warren Giant Pear I planted on the street gives 200 beautiful, grainless pears every year.   The catalog was never printed.  I also did a series of spinoffs–a paper mache pear, an apple core, and some studies.  This one, which I sold, is from a photocopy–Calville blanc d’Hiver..

While living in Arizona circa 1972-4 I had access to specimens of Lophophora Williamsii,  some of which still had viable had roots and were kept as pets.


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