calligraphy, desert landscapes, odd animal portraits

The Desert

  • Anza Borrego Wash

    Clark Dry Lake–Death Valley
View toward Rt 50 from Spencer’s Hot Spring
Goblin Knobs near Area 51

Some of my favorite places to go camping are the Anza-Borrego desert wilderness (above left)

Death Valley (above) and Saline Valley, the Eastern Sierras and Lone Pine;  Southern Arizona, and Nevada (right)– almost anywhere there are Hot Springs.

Above The photo above left is Clark Dry Lake in Death Valley.

I find nothing more delightful than painting sky effects and mountains.  Foliage is something I need to work at, and those paintings are still to come.


Milkyway–acrylic on plywood panel

Faint Heart Never Won Fair Phainopepla-acrylic and collage on found canvas

One response

  1. Very cool! I like your watercolors a lot! Glad to see that you are finding time to work and create.

    November 24, 2010 at 7:56 pm

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